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  • Kinjal Joshi

    I consulted Labdhi 3 months back for Gut Health program since I had been suffering a very bad gut & gastric symptoms, high cholesterol levels and very low Vit D.

    Within span of 3 months, i was able to reduce my Triglycerides and Cholesterol levels to normal,with tremendous improvement in Vitamin D and better gut health with no previous symptoms along with reduction in good amount of inches and 4 kgs of my body weight.

    I would give full credit to Labdhi for bringing all my parameters in control within 90 days.

    Kinjal Joshi
    Mumbai, India.
  • Jatin Joshi

    To whoever read this testimony, I have known Labdhi since 2019 and i would like to say that it was good that i approached her for a Hollistic Diet & Lifestyle Plan with Health Arena.

    When I started this journey, my weight was 102.7 with high triglycerides, High Uricacid & low Vitamin D levels.

    The diet given by Labdhi was extremely easy to follow without any restrictions. She had advised me what to eat at the right time and in what quantity. With the help of day to day food choices and an extensive programme of 3 months , I have lost almost 6 kgs with considerable decrease in inches . My Vitamin D is almost optimum and my Triglycerides have gone down by 50 points.

    I would suggest anyone who wants to make a dramatic change in lifestyle without sacrificing much Labdhi is the right person.

    I would give Labdhi a score of 11 out of 10 for her perfect Diet and great guidance.

    Jatin Joshi
    Mumbai, India.
  • Hetal Desai

    Health Goal –  Weight Loss

    Health Program – Weight Management

    I was overweight by almost 15 kgs, which was making my day tp day activities difficult. I use to get exhausted fast and use to feel low all the time.

    I consulted Ms Labdhi Shah to overcome this problem. She excellently helped me to reduce my weight without comprimising on any health aspects.

    I feel more healthy and young after loosing 10 kgs and also I am more motivated now to adopt a healthy lifestyle.

    Thankyou Labdhi Shah and Health Arena for your right guidance. I will surely recommend everyone to consult her especially ones who are overweight or facing any health issues.

    Hetal Desai
    Mumbai, India.
  • Raghav Poddar, 22 yrs

    Health Goal –Weight+ Fat Loss 

    Health Program – Weight Management

    Ma'am has been very kind and dedicated. She set the Diet according to my needs and my goals.

    She helped me in solving health issues which I din't even knew existed.

    Just two words for ma'am - Thank You !!

    Raghav Poddar, 22 yrs
    Mumbai, India.
  • Avantika Gopinath, 27 yrs.

    Health Goal - Weight Loss

    Health Program - Weight Management

    Dr. Labdhi is not only a great nutritionist but is also an excellent coach. Her way of providing meal plans is not only for weight loss, or to tackle a particular problem but also to incorporate a lifestyle change which is so important in today’s world. Always catering to your cravings and and smart “cheat meals”, you don’t even feel guilty about it! It’s been an amazing experience with Dr. Labdhi, these last few months. It’s not just following her plans blindly, but understanding the science behind how it works, etc., is so much more motivating. She is always available and gives the best tips and tricks for any and every solution! She’s been like a friend to me, always guiding me from the wrong and right options and has helped me stay positive throughout this process. If you have a goal, you got to pick Dr. Labdhi, she makes sure you meet it in every fun way possible! :)

    Avantika Gopinath, 27 yrs.
    Phoenix, USA
  • Mohit Daga, 33 years

    Health GoalWeight + Fat Loss

    Health Program - Weight Management

    Labdhi-like her unique name, her way of understanding clients, their problems, her style is really unique.

    She keeps on motivating me regularly, and also changes Diet plan according to my taste , preferance and availability of food.

    She has good understanding of clients health, their goals and most importantly she knows how to handle them... :-)

    Mohit Daga, 33 years
    Assam, India
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